Android, iOS, and Ruby on Rails

I am now looking for a Android or iOS Swift project as senior developer or a managing position as in ScrumMaster, Development Team Leader, App Architect in or around Rotterdam! I am not available from 27 April-11 May 2016.

I started programming seriously in 1999 after I received my BS in statistics and economics at Western Michigan University (U.S.A.), before then it was just a hobby. From that moment on I have evolved with the industry as devices, languages and tools changed giving me experience with many different systems, languages and people. I started doing mobile application development as my primary work in 2010.  My sales pitch is: "I do mostly high quality pixel perfect work with an uncanny ability to meet unbelievable deadlines" or "I make the impossible possible".

Sjaak - Samen betalensince August 2016 and ongoing, for Android and iOS (SNS bank).
Woonenergie - Officially release in August 2016, Android as lead developer, and some bug fixes delivered for iOS (TamTam B.V. and Woonenergie) - Delivered May 2016 for iOS and Android, an app to distribute audio  

Before the previous projects I completed the first release of "Yello Control" an app for YelloStrom which is energy company based in Cologne, Germany (July, 
2015).  For that project I was a member of the Dutch team of designers and developers from Tam Tam BV which was supporting our German colleagues.  Version 4.3 of the Superguide by Veronica was the last released I worked on for Veronica, released in 2015.  We started working on it August 2013. The Superguide really is super though maybe a little too feature heavy for some users, however you can always just use the linear TV guide if you are not interested in VOD. TV data is very challenging and I look forward to see what the Superguide and other future apps will make of this linear and non linear video access, there is still alot of room for innovation. Before Veronica I had helped on diverse mobile and web projects for different companies like TamTam (Delft, in 2014) and Erasmus MC (Rotterdam, in 2013). I usually do projects that last 3 months to a year; references upon requests.

I am a fullstack developer if you want it on Rails and I also have a ScrumMaster cert.  I do the normal things all creative developers do like programming, api design, app architecture, evaluate security, planning, team leading, team building etc.. etc... I am also pretty good in graphic design, Sketch is preferred. I speak and read Dutch fluently and I write Dutch in a way that is understandable but not grammatically correct.

Android or iOS? I strive to be well accomplished in both, granted having worked mostly on Android for the past years  so my knowledge in Android is at the moment sharper. That being said I still build and bug fix iOS apps but have not been the lead iOS developer on a project for a while, which is why I sincerly hope to get a Swift job soon as senior developer.  To be clear for iOS I only develop in Swift! 

When I make websites or apis at the moment I prefer to use Ruby on Rails. However I rarely build RoR sites commercially because RoR is just not very popular yet and I prefer to develop the device side of the application. 

I am always interested in hearing what the next project will be, whether big or small so please contact me if you have something: / m: +31 643069248

Brian OQR

Updated April 14, 2016

I prefer to work in and around Rotterdam, Den Haag, Delft, however if you have a place to sleep I will travel.